Friday, 17 September 2010


Below you will find a series of panoramic posters I am currently working on. The size will be approximately 100 cm x 30 cm. Intend to take 3 elements out of the main panorama and enlarge them into 3D photos on the right of the poster. An optical 3D viewer will be supplied with each print allowing one to look into the photo. There will be a subliminal conservation message hidden in the main picture. The captions will be written to catch the essence of the overall project rather than being just a description.

                One of the most beautiful places I have ever visited and had the honour to try and capture in 3D shots is a place called William Rickets Sanctuary in the Dandenong Ranges , Victoria. William was a creative soul who lived way beyond his times and through art and philosophy tried to awaken the general public to the plight of Aboriginal people and the natural habitats of Australia.
              I stumbled across a video on You Tube the other day that showed that Billy Connelly admired this man fact it's the first video I have ever come across where Billy was not wisecracking and presented William Ricketts Sanctuary in a most honest and respectful way.Have firstly included some shots I did in 2 and 3D whilst there in 2008 and then if you wish you can see the documentary made of the place.

This photo above is an anaglyph picture and you will need Red/Cyan glasses to see the full 3D effect.

                 We have five species of native pepper vine growing in our rainforests.They  haven't been seriously introduced to garden culture yet but it is a plant with great potential as a new condiment. Piper novae-hollandiae is in fruit at the moment, easily gathered and after drying can be put through your pepper mill to produce a condiment pepper half as hot as the one you are used to but with twice as much flavour.

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