Monday, 4 October 2010

and then there is October

All you ever needed to know about the month October. Also the Oktober Fest season and if you really want to celebrate the Fest and support a superb Australian Boutique Beer click on the pic  below.
Once in a while a visit to cape Tribulation turns out perfect...a real " another shitty day in paradise". Tuesdays trip to Cape Trib for BTS Tours was one of those days. The weather was very humid but oh so clear...bright blue skies with fluffy white clouds, just like on the postcards. Very much like wet season weather...the Monsoon season is the best season to visit a Tropical Rainforest
The people on board were a mixed lot but all Australians from NSW..with a couple from Victoria. All the wildlife happened for them...once again the Tour Guide was more excited about the wildlife encounters than the people on the trip. The sky seemed full of Blue Ulysses butterflies taking advantage of the clear weather after two weeks of rain. The creeks were flushed and clean and clear. Swimming conditions in Coopers creek were ideal. The fish and turtles approaching the clients for handouts. Boyd's rainforest dragons were in abundance around the lunch camp. Crocodiles were spotted on the lower reaches of Coopers creek...the cold rainwater forcing them back out into the sun.
A father Cassowary and his two juvenile chicks visited us on the day...walking right through the camp and allowing everyone good photo opportunities. Unfortunately only had a small camera with me so could only get a few snap shots.. isn't that always the way?

My grandaughter Mikayla celebrated her sixth Birthday at Speewah Tavern ...a delightful event to have  attended...lots of very well behaved starry eyed kids, a big swimming pool on a hot day, a colourful Jumping Castle...all the inlaws and outlaws under one roof once more..light hearted conversations..a solar powered car...snacks and refreshments...all in all a well organised party enjoyed by all who attended...well done and congratulations Mikayla on your sixth Birthday. xxx

An unusually wet September and October, hasn't happened for a while, delicious. Nice to see the forests and surrounding countryside so lush and green. All the creeks are running, the rivers are already flushed clean,our reservoirs and dams are full. A chance for nature to get a head start on the Monsoon season.

It may not look like much but this macro rig I built will allow me to take clear and high resolution 3D photos of the smaller things in life like very close up photos of flowers and insects. The camera is now multi adjustable on both the horizontal plane and its ability to move to the subject without having to zoom in. Have now worked out the maths and am happy with the results. Next stage will be to work on a black subject stand with a black background and introduce suitable adjustable lighting. The rotating platform will give me the two stereo angles I need.

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