Sunday, 8 August 2010

All is as it should be...

If it is mankind's place in the scheme of things to make himself extinct as a species and take a host of other species of life with him, pat yourself on the back, you are doing a good job.But even if that should come to be, you will never extinguish life on Earth. You will help change it but you will never extinguish it.
         What most people see as destruction of the natural world around them is actually just a process of change.Everything that is happening around you would never have come to be if it wasn't meant to be.All is as it should be. The Earth and all living things upon it are constantly in a flux of change.
          Our wise men will let us believe that about 65 million years ago a meteorite struck the Earth and shook it up somewhat.Within a fraction of a second 99.9 per cent of all life on Earth vaporised. But when all the chaos settled down, the smoke and gases cleared and the dust landed whatever there was left of life on Earth...perhaps a simple primordial soup that survived the changes...evolved and bred to form the wonderful living planet we have today.
           All of life on Earth is symbiotic. From the smallest gnat, bacterial particle on the forest floor to the largest whale or Elephant on this planet Earth, we all have the same life force flowing through our veins, we are all brothers and sisters in life helping to form a living planet.Take anyone of those life forms out of the equation and you actually send shock waves through the rest of life. It is complex, it is obscure and we are only just beginning to realize that this is so.
          Indeed...all of life carries this original primordial soup within connects us to all that grows, crawls, swims and flies across the world we share. Its very elements blend to perpetuate life on this planet...the elixir of life.

 My 3D photography is developing and changing course from previous themes...have embraced the possibility of collaborating with others to create 3D images of Aboriginal Art..

Icons of Sydney

August was a good daughters birthday..below is a pic of her daughter...reminded me so much of Jungle Joy.

Mikayla Haginikitas

Jungle Joy

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