Tuesday, 29 June 2010

July....where did the year go?

         One of the more flamboyant flowering trees one can see in bloom right throughout Queensland at the moment . Originally from tropical Africa and introduced by early European settlers to North Queensland as they noticed that the Australian bush and Rainforest has very little colour in it. Probably introduced to add a little colour and to overcome homesickness.

       Visited Geoff Guest at Petford Station the other day to re charge my spiritual batteries and catch up to Old Man, he is 86 now and still looking after young Aboriginal people that come his way. He is busy trying to get some money together to buy a new engine for his car. Norma, his wife is stuck in Cairns and has to have Dialysis three times a week so without their car she is stuck in town far away from her best friend and companion and her beloved bush...one of the few thing she really looked forward to. If anyone out there can help out with a few funds it would be greatly appreciated You can phone him direct if you wish to talk to him about it and perhaps find out how you can best help him and Norma. (07) 40 935365..
        For those who dont know Geoff take the time to read a little more about this amazing man and his wife Norma by clicking on the link to the right...simply click on the picture of him on horseback and there you will also find a documentary of this incredible couple.

     It was my grandsons Birthday on the 27th and spent some time with him celebrating at Hungry Jacks. One of the true delights of my life is watching my two grandchildren grow up. Dont spend as much time with them as I would like to...but trying hard to change that.

             To all who visit here...I wish you Health and Happiness to you and yours...

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