Monday, 21 February 2011


Take a Walk on the Wild Side, Mark 2, is making good progress and should be on the road by May this year to help herald in a completely different direction for our visitors to this area.

Click on the pic above to get a bigger view of our precious coastline.And if you click on the link below you will get a bigger view of an article that that describes one viewpoint of our precious tourism industry..a view that can be applied to Cairns as well. 

I first met John Paice when we were neighbours in the heady days prior to the Cape Tribulation Bloomfield Road Blockade. Even then he was a prolific artist with a unique style of his own. His paintings adorned the walls of many a Cairns and Hinterland in particular was the giant wall mural in the Oceanic Hotel, or the " Big O " as it was called then. Stumbled across this painting of his in a Cafe in Herberton last Saturday.

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  1. Thank you for posting that stunning work by John Paice. It's good to know that John is still producing works of such quality. A truely gifted artist. Who remembers Dottie's Bar in Cairns? A large painting by John was on the wall there. (Might have been the mural mentioned). I remember helping John take it down when the place closed down. I forget where it ended up.


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