Tuesday, 8 March 2011


 Traditionally the wettest month of the year so it's just a good old fashioned Monsoon season just like the ones Far North Queensland used to have until about 15 years ago. Nowadays there is more infrastructure and population to be affected so it seems worse. Time to take time out...relax and recharge for the coming years challenges.

  Spent some time in Sydney this month so I got that break away and to visit my Mum , who turns 80 on the 6th, meet up with family I hadn't seen for a while, spend some quality time with my daughter and granddaughter, experience the company of all my 4 siblings under one roof and to reinforce the fact that North Queensland is a great place to live.

The new graphic for the left hand rear panel of the car to balance out the right hand side and display more picturegraphic messages

and furthermore...here is one I will put on a T shirt

The first is a design for a Skate board done by my brother Daniel...primary carer for my Mum and Dad and one of the best professional riders this country has produced...representing Australia in the Masters section as one of Dad's Army and tutoring younger riders all over this country.

The second graphic is the coat of arms of Gelderland, the province in Holland where I was born and spent the first five years of my life.

The third emblem is the logo of the X240...a most underestimated 4x4 Chinese car released in Australia and my new choice of tour vehicle.

The fourth graphic is an Anaglyphic 3D picture which needs to be viewed with Red/Cyan glasses to bring out the outstanding 3D effect...another passion of mine is producing 3D photographs.

The fourth graphic are the Arabian words for...Religion Divides. It has nothing to do with Islam, just a general statement.

Yule Point is just south of the Port Douglas turn off affords spectacular views of Mangroves, beaches and Thornton Peak as a back drop. This photo was taken looking south. Stingrays come in with the tides to feed amongst the Mangroves here and if you look carefully you will notice their feeding depressions in the sand. Yule Point is also popular with Kite Surfers on a windy day.

Green Possum

The crocodile at the Mowbray River bridge has company.

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