Sunday, 9 January 2011

2011 Begins...lets hope it's a good one

Fred, Joy, Mikayla and Alex Haginikitas.

It's now January and 2011 is well on it's way. Xmas just seems to get better with each passing year. A time when it seems to be everyones birthday all on the one day. A day when we put everything aside and purposely take time out to be with family and friends. A time for banquets and sharing. A time to talk about the year that has been and share thoughts and aspirations for the coming New Year.

The three Amigos.

An abundance of food graced the tables for an all day Xmas feed.

A Cyclone called Tasha, declared on Xmas Eve and crossed the coast just below Cairns. A category 1 Cyclone so although there were a few wind gusts as well as heavy showers in the area it didn't dampen the Xmas spirit and there were only a few road closures below the City. Above is a satellite photo of Tasha early Xmas morning as it was approaching the coast.

Cape Kimberley and Snapper Island of the coast from Wonga Beach. The cloud formation to the right is the northern edges of Cyclone Tasha as it approaches the coast.

Uncle Daniel and niece Mikayla strolling back from a visit to the nearby Barron Falls. Tasha had made the falls spectacular and it did attract a lot of Xmas visitors.

There was copious amounts of  flood water cascading out of the tableland catchments and as it went over the Barron Falls it created strong upwards wind drafts that create the spiraling mists. If you look beyond the mists you will notice that smaller waterfalls coming over the edges of rock ledges are actually being blown up again by the strong wind gusts. The photo below catches this phenomena a little better.

The smaller falls on the right come down in unbroken streams but as you can see the water coming over to the left is blown back upwards again.

Uncle Daniel giving a very attentive Mikayla a few points on photography.

On a recent visit to the original Beach House I stopped to take a picture of the lovely creek that runs through the estate and at this time of the year the Monsoon flushes it out. The water is crystal clear and the temperature would be about 18 C. So, very invigorating. In the late 1970"s when the whole family lived up here the community surrounding us and the neighbors across this creek would all pitch in and dam the creek at this point. We would pile up a groin of stacked rocks across the creek and cover it in putting another layer of rocks across that and another layer of plastic we formed a fairly water tight wall. Above the dam we would place a long and strong scaffold plank which acted both as a bridge to the neighbors place and a dive and jump platform. The pool would be about 1.5 meters deep and although not large it was enjoyed by many people ,especially during the summer.
At the end of each wet season it would be re built and there was usually enough water coming down this creek to keep the pool cool each year. Looking at it nows I can easily conjure up pictures in my mind of the women folk washing clothes here while babies and children splashed in the pool.

I have had one of the best years ever in 2010. Met some very special people who have helped me through understanding and believing in me. You know who you are...cant thank you enough for having stood by me.
Silly as it may seem but one of my new prised possessions is a small Solar Powered Windmill which gives me great delight. It sort of symbolizes the need to think of alternative means to power mankind's aspirations. I faithfully put it out in the sun when I can and the propellers have done more then a million revolutions powered by the sun...each revolution I like to think of as a prayer for mankind to get his act together and transcend our old ways to make way for a more thoughtful future that is sustainable for all life we share the planet with.

Alex and Mikaylas visit to Ylang Ylang and the cool pool. Have enjoyed living here but it is time to move on.

My faithful Jimny is up for sale. Shall miss her as she has taken me and others on some very memorable journeys throughout this country.

Male Cairns Birdwing Butterfly.

Nature at it's most colorful...above is the bark shedding off a gum tree.


I dont like the smell of hospitals but must say that modern medicine / hospitals and the dedication of those who staff it is often overlooked. They do their utmost to heal Loved ones and for that I will always be thankful and grateful.

Another sojourn South.

Mambo would be proud. A painting my younger brother Daniel created who nowadays spends a lot of time looking after Mum and Dad. Thank you Bro.

Occasionally,  you get the best view of Sydney from the air, and this trip was one of those more colourful days.

My father finds life very challenging nowadays. Although in the best care he could possibly be in, he doesn't smile much anymore. Except for when he gets to go for a drive in a car. He loved his cars and nowadays it still brings a smile to his face. Drove him around a bit on my visit just to see him happy and contented once more. He lived in the moment and wont have any memories of the day out.

Just mention the prospect of going for a drive and it triggers a few fond memories and desire.

Most of the time though he lives in a world of his own

Palm Beach 

My grandparents on my mothers side.

My grandparents on my fathers side.

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