Friday, 3 December 2010

3 days to month

to think that the above uses the same technology our government will pay billions of Dollars for so we can have faster internet and I purchased this landed at my door for $4 on Ebay....
and as the years go by I personally value Xmas time more and more...not because of any religious reasons on my part but primarily to enjoy the get together of  family and friends. It is the one day a year when my personal family is under the one roof. When we can share a meal together at one table as it was when the children were children themselves. I find that very gratifying and look forward to that event more and more as years pass. It ofcourse is also a time to spend with the greater family...the inlaws and outlaws....our family has grown somewhat.

Summer..Summer.. Glorious Summer befitting a family Xmas present came early in the experience of having my Grand daughter Mikayla spend 3 days with her grandfather...the first time and we got on really well. Wise beyond her six years we had a great bonding session and a lot of laughs. She really is quite a character.

Here she actually controlled the boat for a few minutes...steering us to the centre of the river away from the trees we were scanning for wildlife...

Took this shot of an older fisherman returning from a good mornings fishing. He launched the boat and retrieved it himself...with no help. He knows his boats, the tides and the ocean very well. Only took what he could eat and no more...a gentleman of the sea. Mind you, the Spanish mackerel was a decent size and will feed family and friends for a week. This is typical of what happens here in the Monsoon season.

The energy of our youth and the friendly compliance to a photo request never ceases to amaze me.This lad was a true athlete..Australian Mums and Dads have much to be proud of.

A great car from Great Wall

male Birdwing Butterfly

Taken from Quaids road looking south to Double Island...wish they would open up this road after repairing it...would be an ideal escape route into higher country during Tsunamis and Cyclones or Flooding.

Storm approaching Snapper island

Palm Cove

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