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July....crikey it's nearly Xmas again

Will start of July's posting with one of my all time favourite ads...tell me what you think

just a bit of manic graphic madness

Take a Walk on the Wild Side will create three fundamental but flexible aspects to the business. One will be guided interpretive walks conducted in National Parks and on private properties to mainly cater for the growing Self Drive markets. These walks will be scheduled, of one hours duration  and will be value for money positive experiences.
The second phase of the business is photography, both 2D and 3D. Producing books, posters,digital image libraries, postcards that will be exposed at various markets . The market display will be innovative , customer friendly and incorporates a 3D portrait studio as well as a gallery of framed works. Will be running trials on other locally made products as well as soon as we can figure out what people actually buy at markets. The display will also include promotional material for our tours and other products.
The third phase will be creating a vehicle suitable for doing railway track tours on a yet to be determined de commissioned railway line in the area. The vehicles will be powered by peddle power and is suitable for all ages and physical capabilities even for those with less mobility or sight. The activity is healthy and would suit families or even school groups as the vehicles can be coupled together to form a train. It's healthy and fun.More information on this will be published shortly.

The completed Bluebird

5 Minute disassembly for transport

The drawing board

Building components.

Malanda Van Park Friday evening get together at the children's farm

Tony giving demonstrations on Fire Stick Twirling

Kerrie the Bush Poet

A Farm visitor

in order to attract more local visitors to the park a Communal Vegetable Garden and Children's Farm has been created at Malanda Falls Caravan Park.


Kids enjoying the daily calf feeding at Malanda Falls Caravan Parks Children's Farm

Kerrie Dickson reciting poetry and telling Bush Yarns

Tony demonstrating Fire Stick twirling

Even the locals came in to enjoy Malanda Showtime

Shane Knuth, member of Parliament, presenting Oliver with the Champion Calf Feeding certificate.

meanwhile down the road at the Showgrounds...

entertainers were out in force...

After fighting our way through the huge crowds

the evening was topped off with a BBQ around the campfire at the new camp on Riverside Drive

on the 19th of July Janice and I departed Cairns for a journey to the Mitchell Falls in the Kimberley in Western Australia.

Lawn Hill Gorge

Who's a Bad Boy then?

How not to arrive in Borroloola

An inspired 3D Turtle

The Boy 2D

The Boy 3D

Elder 3D

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