Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A gift to all in Cairns and beyond....

the crazier the world gets the more I seek out the good things that are happening around me and if there is a lack of those I create a good thing...this month started out with a visit to Cairns from Shane Howard

for more information on Shane and his backing band go to his web site and check out a song called " Dont turn your back on us" off his latest album.

Once more Shane Howard excels with a prayer that enlightens and makes one more "aware" of where we really fit in the scheme of things. 

My current camp in the Tablelands.

Have a new workshop and this shows how close I am camped to it.

Every man needs a shed...nice to have a place to create all manner of things.

"The Quadricycle"

my health went off the rails some time ago and I hope to get it back on track by excercising with the quadricycle. Will have to use train-ahhhh wheels for a while but that is of my own choo-choosing because I believe it will keep me on track.

a bicycle built for two...

Here are a few posters I am designing and printing. A3 in size and comes with a 3D photo placed towards the bottom. So not only can you look at it you can also see into it. Printed on 260 gsm Gloss Photo Paper and available now. Comes with it's own 3D Optical viewer. POA.

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