Sunday, 25 October 2009

Wistful Contemplations

Gday and greetings from the land Down Under
and thank you for visiting this page...if there is anything 
you would like to know about Australia
then please leave a comment or question
at the bottom of this page....even if it is just to 
say hello.

clicking on this image will take you to a high definition image.

at first i thought it may have been a tortoise shell dropped by an eagle, it's only when we
assembled the pieces that we realized it was part of a human skull

this photo was taken back in the days when we used to visit
Geoff Guest at Petford Training Farm...a horse called Tiny.

some early photos taken during expeditions between
Dimbulah and Chilagoe following Aboriginal trails along
the waterholes of the Walsh River.

CTA Toursim award night with hazel and Ron

a reflective moment in the upper reaches of the East Mulgrave Valley
high up on Mt Bellenden Kerr

once were the kings of the Outback...Robbie Guest and I riding
Tiny and George on the savannah of Petford Station

Wishing all who visit here health and happiness.


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