Thursday, 12 February 2009

( 12 ) People, past and present that influenced me and whom I admire.

These are the people that have had a profound impact on my life and who helped shape the person I am today. In days gone by people valued the Elders and Wise men, and women of course. We turned to them for guidance in times of need and when we needed another slant on a particular issue. 

                        Geoff Guest.

I first met Geoff and his good wife Norma Guest in the mid 1980's whilst conducting camp out safaris in the western tablelands. He was running a Training Farm for wayward Aboriginal peoples teaching them to become stock men and giving them a break away from their towns and communities. He taught me to be humble and showed me the meaning of unconditional love. If you want to know more about this man and his work just click on his photo above.

Kahlil Gibran

At a time in my life when I es cued organised religion i came upon a book called "the Prophet"by
Kahlil Gibran. His writings crystallised the many confusing thoughts I had about religion and
introduced me to the process of Free Thinking. He gave me direction and taught me about the
benefits of keeping an open mind about all matters. He influenced me to become Agnostic but
to stay Spiritual. His writings bought me peace of mind about all matters Spiritual and gave me
a positive outlook on life.

John lennon

What can one say about this magic man who changed the course of modern music and sung the words most people were afraid to utter. A tireless campaigner for the brotherhood of man.

Leonardo da Vinci

From this man I discovered that one can be proficient at multitude
of skills and disciplines...become free and many faceted. To think
abstractly and maintain a healthy curiosity with life's many aspects.
Click on his photo to learn more of this man.

Martin Luther King

An Angel sent to guide us into a more enlightened age. A
Heralder of things to come and a conscience for mankind.
Click on the man's image to find out more about him.

Jesus Christ

The Ultimate Three Thinker....and what have we done?...
Created religions around the spirit of this man...Jesus 
would cringe if he knew what had been done in his name.

Diana Orvan

A special person in my life and partner in the many adventures I
have been on. Keeps me grounded and helps me keep two feet on
the ground.

Christie Palmerston

This person has taught me how to overcome obstacles in life one
at a time. A person who never gives up regardless of the challenges
placed in his way. A person who has given me special insight into
the places where I live and work. Christie has motivated me to live
life with an unending sense of adventure and a "can do"attitude.


  1. I visited Kahlil Gibran's home at Bcharre in the beautiful Kadisha Valley in Lebanon. It's an area that looks more like the Swiss Alps than the Middle East.His home was very simple.

    And, of course there's a link between him and John Lennon, who incorporated a line of his poetry in his song, "Julia". But, I expect you already knew that.

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