Thursday, 29 January 2009

( 3 ) More 3D Photos

Stereo or 3D photography has always captured
my imagination as there is nothing like looking into
and around a photos insides. The perception of space
makes certain photo images that are challenging to
capture in 2D or flat images much more magic.
Below are a random collection of 3D images
taken during our recent trip around Australia. Rather
than trying to portray this country with the normal
images Diana and I purposely sought out the byways
and not the highways and ended up with a series of
Australian images most people would never see.
It was Leonardo da Vinci that first understood
and described the way we see in the craft is not
new by any means. I have tried to let his creative Spirit
guide me in seeking out unusual 3D subject matter.
Have not described any of the photos below
as I think that by viewing them and looking into
them they will describe themselves. Enjoy.

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