Wednesday, 4 July 2018

July 2018

the insulation Foil Boards are going up and are adhered to the existing metal wall and ceiling studs by Liquid nails. Makes insulating quick and easy without loosing much space inside the container. 
Melamine white coated wall panels 3mm thick will be glued to these sheets to finnish the walls with a washable white surface that will be rigid without loosing too much room in the container. Using 12 volt power sockets in various locations so the wiring has already been put in before the final cladding. Note the existing vents are kept open and a small plastic louver will be put into the wall cladding.

This is the best snap off cutting tool to use on the Foilboard. It is larger than the standard ones.

Tried a few of the cheaper liquid nail brands only to find that this is the best one...especially for cielings as it holds the panel sup immediately. Not cheap but worth the money.

                         Found that this is the best way to apply the liquid nails, be generous as when you press the Foilboards aginst it the glue will spread. I avoided doing the stell battons that had a welded seam as I found these to be of a slightly different size to the ones without.

When I cut the holes into the sides of the container I found that the welds across the bottom were thick and hard to get at to form a flat floor surface. These are the 125 mm cutting, grinding and polishing discs I used to achieve a good result.

Found this to be the best sealant to seal the welded edges of the steel door frame both inside and out. It's water soluble so should only be used on dry surfaces but then on the other hand it was easier to wash off when I used my finger to spread it.

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