Monday, 8 January 2018

2018 a chance to start again

and so it has come to pass that we travel on into yet another year

we live in a paradise so rejoice

in the begining there was restless stardust

we come from the land of the midnight sun

a couple of cool people I bumped into at Pt Douglas markets

Peppermint stick insects in Cape Tribulation


I long to meet an exhibiting Aboriginal  artist that that can work together with me to create a 3d image of his/her work

a visitor has left a message for us

The Green way

Kimberely Sunset...the most beautiful sunset in Australia

Mum has joined Dad , may they both rest in peace together

and so begins our new year

roots and leaves

the puppet maker

" Rose" of Kularoo

table flowers

there is no such thing as "Away"...when we throw anything away it must go somewhere ...Annie Leonard

The state of the Great Barrier Reef 2017

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