Tuesday, 7 November 2017

November in Kuranda

Beginning to tool up for the house build.

Golden Penda in flower now, floral symbol of Cairns City.

Our trusty steed,  camper van and materials truck.

The container configuration for the house

Some of the aluminium louvre panels that will be used to screen the OLA ( outside living area) between the containers.

One of 3  x 200 watt solar panels that will be mounted on our power pole that holds up the windmill.

Picked up two large solar hot water panels being rebuilt now for or hot water system...we still have gas as back up and extra power created by solar, wind and hydro will be diverted to heat water as well.

400 watt windmill generator

Initial plan for placement of house, sheds, workshop. water tanks and gardens, greenhouses etc.

Geofrey amongst the flowers

Our first water tank

Wind VAWT turbine 200 watts

Have just aquired two cabinets for battery, invertor, voltage regulater, fuses, switches etc. storage.

Aerial view of the house pad.

Frame for one of two large sliding glass doors for the container build...there will aslo be a window in the back wall.

Granadilla flower compaired to ordinay passionfruit flower.

Rose of Stannary Hills...this flower was planted at Stannary Hills mining town many years ago. The town has been abandoned to the elements in the 1950's, not much remains. At the mining supervisors houuse site there was a Frangipany tree that suurvived many bush fires until only one small branch was left alive. A piece of that branch was salvaged and with a little TLC now lives on at Camp Kularoo.

Camp Kullaroo, Kuranda. I will miss this place when I move to the Daintree area next year.

Xmas at Camp Kularoo

The Xmas portal

Little green mail box in the rainforest

Xmas passionfruit

nearly completed water ram pump prototype

Beginning to collect hardware, furnture and equipment for the build

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