Monday, 2 June 2014


Magic at Nambucca Heads

Something that came to mind while in the studio...dedicated to Martin and Sandy...making Love Tangible through Music

today is Sunday the 29th, my last day in Coffs Harbour. Have really enjoyed my time here and after 3 weeks have had the opportunity to explore the town and surrounding areas more thoroughly than on previous visits. It is a magical place with magical people. There seems to be a lot of very talented people here...musicians and artists. From it's spectacular shorelines with emerald oceans to the rainforests of the Hinterlands ,this is a truly amazing place.
A great place to raise a family...and that is just what Sandy and Martin van Veluwen  have achieved. Had the pleasure of catching up to Joel and Kate, two of their three children and realised that there is no greater sense of fulfilment and achievement in life than as watching your children grow up to be healthy, happy and talented adults.
I thank you for your hospitality and for the chance to share a few laughs and catch up time. You have added Magic to my sojourn experience through the country.

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