Wednesday, 8 August 2012

August in the Kimberly

the above 3D shot was one I really wanted to re do on this trip...done in hyper stereo cha cha...very happy with the result

Steel rings in old Derby Jail floor used to secure chained Aboriginal prisoners

Hand shadow in old Derby Jail

Derby salt marsh

Boab seed on salt marsh

Pelicans taking flight on the Marsh

Three Boabs in the afternoon

The same three Boabs at Sunset

Derby Wharf Sunset

Camel rides on Cable Beach During the day

and at sunset


have seen so many pics of the camel rides on cable Beach that I threw my hat into the ring and wanted to do some of my own takes...have done that's out of my system

Cable Beach, Broome, Western Australia

Broome is well known for it's quality cultivated pearls

Japanese Divers

The Dish at Carnarvon that was used in communicating with the Apollo team on the moon....moon to the right...and more strangely....Neil Armstrong died this week

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