Wednesday, 2 November 2011

NOVEMBER..nearly Xmas

lets start this month off with some thought provoking shots and a few laughs..

Taken from Mt Edith in the Atherton Tablelands on a clear day. From here you can see Fitzroy Island, Yarrabah ranges, The Coral Sea. Mt Bartle Frere, Mt Bellenden Kerr, the Southern Tablelands and  Mt Tyson at Tully to the extreme right. The Panorama is 180 degree shot.

now for some more fun...

at 11.11 am on the 11th of the 11th month 2011 decided to visit the old Rijker property in Cape Tribulation where my children spent the forming part of their lives. Now known as the Beach House it is severely neglected and just a faint ghost of it's former glory. After 30 years of neglect by it's owner the place looks sad.

this is what the main esplanade from whats left of the house to the  beach looks like at the moment..

this is how I remember it 30 odd years ago..

mind you...coconuts are still being sold on the beach...I wonder if that price includes GST

Masons Shop...the original shop was conducted out of the front bedroom with Paul and his family living out the back. Mail, fresh bread and milk came once a week on Saturdays and it was when all the locals would gather at the shop. Fuel was hand pumped from 44 gallon drums and had a hefty mark up...about 30 cents a litre as I remember it. Most cars on this side of the river were unregistered and the occasional sober driver was encountered so one had to be careful. The main industry was trying to grow illegal herb...cant recall anyone making much money out of it except the Masons shop. There were no telephones and the nearest one was on the other side of the river 30 kilometres away. The ferry could carry 6 cars and would only run in daylight hours...if the tide was right. The area was cut off from the outside world for about 3 months every wet season...peaceful bliss. The flying doctor radio was the only communication with the outside world. Most people belonged to one of two category of folk ( except for the Masons who were landed gentry )...pig hunters or hippies and everyone was armed in those days...cant recall anyone ever being shot. The prawn trawlers used to shelter in the bay and the locals would go out and trade fresh fruit and vegetables for by catch and some prawns. The drug squad would regularly hold military style raids on the place and this passed for live entertainment for most of the locals.And you know what?..most people living there were happy and contented at least 80 per cent of the time. I believe our days spent there contributed to my two children being the well grounded people they are now. Days were spent gardening and fishing.

on the way home...we hardly saw Cassowaries in the old days..a credit to the care programmes in place today.

Took a drive towards the western side of Bartle Frere...noticed a cottage on the edge of the forest...something appealing about the view..

in the rainforest there was a bicycle that had obviously been there for a was just lying there slowly returning to the elements...helping it along was a small basket fern grwoing happily on it's saddle

View from Copperlode Rd overlooking Cairns

When I first started using digital photography many of my contemporaries said that this would be the end of creative photography...
creative imagination knows no the next 4 pictures demonstrates

The fungus fruiting bodies below look almost alien, Birds-nest Fungus

a few more funnies I stumbled across...hope you like

and a bit more of creative photography

Have a wedding to shoot in December and practising editing now.

while looking for some wedding shot backgrounds I came across the following images...had almost forgotten I had them...some of these I posted before a while ago...

and whatever you do...don smoke

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