Wednesday, 10 August 2011

August has landed...

The Mitchell Falls in the on pic for larger version. One of the most spectacular waterfalls in Australia. Our journey was a sort of pilgrimage to the Mecca of this country with the night at the Falls being a Holy Grail.

In all our travels through the Top End the Aboriginal people were the most friendly people we encountered. Met lots of Grey Nomads that looked down their nose at us because we weren't towing a van or trailer...we didn't even have a roof rack. They were like Suburbia on Wheels.

Finally got the chance to work with an Aboriginal artist and turn her painting into a 3D graphic....the first ever done in Australia.

A Freswaterarian Contemplating at the Camp Fire.

Hard to see but that is Janice in the cleft of a narrow gorge.

Daly Waters Airport was an important overnighting spot on the Sydney to London run when aircraft had limited ranges.

This is the Lost City type geological formations outside of Borroloola.

The Business Flag and logo waving proudly at our Kimberley Camp.

Kapok was flowering right across the Top End of the country.

This is Paddy, one of the characters we encountered on the way.

Pentecost River crossing with the Cockburn Ranges in the background.

Victoria River in Western Australia.

Once again followed the Wagtail all the way from Home to Broome and back again...saw at least one everyday. Because they all have that same nervous movement you would think it was the same bird that followed you all along.

The things you find....

Gum flowers against a clear blue sky.

Janice Parsons my companion and partner who made the journey possible and a real pleasure.

PLACE..Bromfield Swamp Crater, Upper Barron Rd, Malanda.

Sauris Crane, Brolgas and Plovers congregating and dancing.

TIME... Dusk at Twilight

great Sunsets with hundreds of birds flying in formation returning to their swamps...a must see ( bring a jumper).

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