Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Dreaming...about photos and lawnmowers and peace on Earth

                        Welcome to my little corner of the Internet.

          Here you will find the musings and rantings of a Tree Hugger with attitude who dabbles in Three Dimensional Photography.  I consider myself to be an Ambassador for the World Heritage listed Wet Tropical Rainforests of Far North Queensland , Australia. 
          I am a retired Rainforest Ecology Interpretation guide who used to love showing visitors from all over the World our unique Rainforest Habitats and explaining Rainforest Ecology in a way they can both understand and Appreciate. To those people who have been out with me, I welcome you back. To those people who have not...tarry a while on these pages...let me share with you the Images of Gondwanaland and my Passion for our unique Wilderness habitats.
          A chance for people to see Australia in both two dimensional and three dimensional images. 
                              Hans Van Veluwen   January 2009

                                                  Rob Guest and I in 1991

                                   3D Coat of Arms


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