Wednesday, 7 March 2012

and here comes March...

stand up for freedom...intervene in intervention now

sometimes I lament the lack of talent in younger musicians today and really don't like the rap crap and head banging music..guess I,m just a grumpy old man after all...but then...I find absolute gems and material that is so good and regain faith in the younger generation and know that our tomorrows are actually in good hands...
I salute young talent.

The Monsoon has finally arrived in far North Queensland

Feeling in a reflective state of mind and I visit images out of a charmed past...things seen and experienced...things shared and enjoyed...all happy memories...will use these photos to inspire me to create more memories...thank you to all who have shared my life's journey

collections and reflections...

a desert in bloom

our own stone henge

her beauty and her terror...

secret and hidden places amongst the canyons of the west...mostly carved by sand and wind...until one looks closely to discover marks that serve as remind us there were those who were here for millennia...leaving words carved in rock that spans across time 

a life well lived and an inspiration to all..Ave Margaret Whitlam and thank you for working amongst us

Mums 81st Birthday this month so went down to Sydney to spend some time with her and to visit Dad.

Bertha Van Veluwen

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